Today’s episode of ‘Jalsa build up’ included updates from various Nazimeens, including Nazim Health and Safety, Nazim site communication and Naib Nazim Office Jalsa Salana.
Nazim Health and Safety (Irfan Qureshi sahib) explained how strict standards had been set in place for all volunteer workers and contractors. He also explained the health and safety brief which has been given to all workers.
The Jalsa build up team was informed about improved mobile phone signals and internet connectivity by Nazim communications and transport, Maqbool Ahmad sahib.  Maqbool  sahib also expressed how this year a shuttle service was available every five minutes from the ‘Country Market’ to Hadeeqatul Mehdi.
Naib Officer Jalsa Gah (Malik Akrim sahib) told the team how their work started back in February, as one of their roles was the approval of Tilawat and Nazam recordings for Jalsa Salana.
The guest interview on today’s show was of Latif Ahmad Jhummat sahib who explained his experience of Jalsa Salana whilst in Pakistan compared to Jalsa in the United Kingdom.
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