by Faarieya, Pakistan

“Therefore remember Me (by praying, glorifying), I will remember you, and be grateful to Me (for My countless Favors on you) and never be ungrateful to Me.”

The Holy Quran, Chapter 2 Verse 153


I am an Ahmadi Muslim, living in a state which has declared me a non-Muslim and which promotes vile attacks on my faith.  This terror is increasing rapidly day by day.  Yet, when I think about the blessings Allah has given to the Jamaat in Pakistan, these attacks seem to appear futile and pose no threat to my faith.

Living in Pakistan, I am excluded from the direct benefits of a Jalsa in my country.  So MTA International has thus played a vital role in allowing millions like me to reap full benefits from it.  Since 2000, I have had MTA in my house and therefore, each year, through the blessings of MTA, I am lucky enough to count myself among those who raise slogans praising Him and His creation.

Thousands of Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims yearn to experience this sight in person…

The UK is where our Imam, the Khalifa of the time resides and this makes Jalsa Salana UK  the global event of the year.


Adults and children, all from different Countries gather to stand shoulder by shoulder to reap the full benefits of listening to powerful speeches in praise of Allah, in the praise of Islam and the Holy Prophet (saw). We witness the bounties of our Lord, cited by dignitaries of the Jamaat, all of which strengthens our faith and allows us to enhance our knowledge of the true beauty of Islam.

Ahmadi Muslims of Pakistan: You are in the prayers of the Khalifa and the entire International Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

The Jalsa Salana UK, is an event much anticipated by us. We eagerly wait for these blessed 3 days which leaves us spellbound and full of happy memories.

Last year, I remember sitting around late into the early hours of the morning listening to speeches with my family.

During the build up to Jalsa Salana UK, our family feels the vibe set off in the UK and we even cook only Jalsa food during those 3 days.

Unable to be present there themselves, Pakistani Ahmadi Muslims make ‘Daal’ and ‘Aaloo Gosht’ just to be a part of Jalsa during Jalsa days

I get to see every moment on MTA and therefore I could probably say that maybe I am luckier than the people attending Jalsa. MTA travels with the footsteps of the Imam of the age and what the viewers see isn’t exactly what the attendees see.

Expressing love is hard in words and so too is describing the atmosphere that the Jalsa creates. Yet year after year, the excitement and understanding grows as we are blessed with the bounties of our Lord who brings those most furthest to be those closest to the Khalifa of Islam.

The Jalsa illustrates the prophecy of Allah that the message of the true Islam will reach the corners of the earth. We witness people from all over the world gathering together to hold fast to the rope of Allah in order to attain His pleasure.

The mere sight of Khalifatul Masih brings joy to Ahmadi Muslims around the world.

The absence of Jalsa here in Pakistan is a source of sadness, and I wish that one day our blessed Imam could set foot on this soil as many who are being left out from the blessings, and need him desperately. Sitting in the Jalsa Gah, listening to speeches, nazms, taranas, Huzoor keynote addresses and  Lajna events, creates a sense of joy and also sadness. Not only has Pakistan failed to recognise the Imam of the time but it is also punishing us too.

Hardships faced by Ahmadi Muslims in Pakistan are hard to imagine: Ahmadi Muslim Children are arrested on trumped up blasphemy charges

May Allah allow all the participants of Jalsa to understand its blessings and true purpose and may He, the fountainhead of limitless grace, allow us to one day embrace the Khalifa of Islam in Pakistan. Ameen.

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