by Shazia Shahida, Canada


After watching and reading about numerous superheroes, there always seemed to be one burning question left in my mind. For my six-year-old brother after watching a clip of Ironman, it was  ‘Why is his armor red?’ My friend used to try and decipher a reason for why Wolverine thought it was rational to save ONE person at the risk of destroying everything else?

Superhero’s have been an inspiration for children the world over…. but for Ahmadi children; the hero’s are slightly different than in the comics


But my question was different.  I wanted to know what it was that all these superheroes  have in common. There must be something special about them that keeps people intrigued and wanting more!

And then it hit me; ironically enough on my way home from the second day proceedings of the 37th Jalsa Salana Canada. Superheroes have  all wanted to serve humanity, achieve brotherhood and establish an impregnable bond of peace.


Service to humanity, the notion of brotherhood/sisterhood and promotion of a peaceful and tolerant society are amongst the core values of the Annual Conventions of the Ahmadiyya Community, the Jalsa Salanas, wherever they may be being held. Banners promoting the message of Love for All and Hatred for None speak volumes in these, not so ordinary conventions.


Superheroes not only save the lives of countless people, but also convey the underlying message of gaining a peaceful society with no discrimination towards a race, one’s ethnicity, and one’s faith/beliefs.  So, what does all of this have to do with the annual Jalsa Salana you may ask? Absolutely everything! The beautiful messages that blossom during  the three day convention are about  the establishment of brotherhood/sisterhood and  the promotion of peace . During  the convention, we see the emergence of tenacious ties that form between family, friends, and above all with The Creator.

The abode of peace…. Jalsa Salana. Illustration by Mohsin Amjad

So, with utmost confidence I can say that I have found my superhero. My superhero is something real, very real as I found it in an abode wherein peace reigns. The annual convention of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community is my superhero. After all, in today’s day and age, Jalsa Salana is the only thing deserving of superhero status!

How does Islam inspire you? Do you have a superhero? Let us know in the comments below!