What do I have that other Muslims don’t?

In fact, what do I have that most people don’t?
Why is my life so special?
A spiritual father, a spiritual leader and a guide is what I have. I have a khalifah, who is One in 7 billion.

My leader asks not for votes or expenses, he doesn’t desire wealth and fame, no power or nation does he appeal to except to the throne of God.

My leader stays awake late into the depths of the night crying, praying and prostrating before his Lord. He supplicates for ME, he worries for ME when I know not; his pain is on-going.

My leader has no days off, he complains not like all the worldly leaders we see. He is far from his home forced to stay away. They say he’s not Muslim yet my leader travels, preaching the message of Islam, he writes to world leaders warning them of their ways. He has no fear, he voices only what God says.

One in 7 billion, handpicked, not by supporters and followers but by the Almighty who has blessed me with MY leader. I knew him not for half my life yet I am ready to sacrifice it, at his call.

Why I ask?

Do I really love my leader more than my parents and family?

Am I actually mad?

Maybe so, maybe so, that is all that I can say!