Whether you’re travelling from the other side of the world or driving 15 minutes down the road to reach the Jalsa Salana, every attendee will be wondering what they need to bring along with them! To help you prepare, we have put together a check list of some items you might want to bring along. 

Umbrella – for those who don’t live here, the UsK is blessed with green hills and valleys as far as the eye can see. And as you can imagine, all this greenery is largely the result of lots of rain. In particular, the weather forecast for the Jalsa week indicates that the sun and warm breezes you’ll enjoy will be peppered with flashes of rain. Therefore, having an umbrella to hand is always a good idea, come rain or shine.

Comfortable clothes – Jalsa is like no worldly gathering, and definitely not the place for parading the latest trends. Come dressed for comfort, whether you are here to attend as a guest or will spend most of your time doing a duty. The days are long and the nights are cool so layering is key here!

Practical shoes – One word: mud! Although it is transformed into a global village for these three wonderful days, Hadeeqatul Mahdi is essentially a field and as such, the grassy surface can quickly turn muddy after rain showers. Depending on the weather in the week ahead, having some wellies on standby isn’t a bad idea.

Blanket & cushions – The hours of speeches and beautiful poetry at Jalsa Salana will fill your soul with spiritual nourishment and inspiration for leading a blessed life. Make the most of it by also ensuring that you are physically as comfortable as you can be as well. For those who are unable to sit on the floor, remember to drop by the information tents to get a chair pass. Especial care should be taken with the elderly and those who have are unwell.  

Money – Whilst all food and drink needs for guests are taken care of at Jalsa Salana, there are also a whole range of stalls set up at Jalsa selling a wide variety of food from around the world, books, videos and other memorabilia. Support charities such as Humanity First by donating money at the many collection points set up around the site or buy some souvenirs for friends back home in the form of books and videos. Remember, these stalls will only be open during break times.

AIMS ID – the one essential item you’ll need to enter the Jalsa site is your AIMS ID or invitation. Make sure you pack this along with all your other belongings and send a helpful reminder to friends and family as well. As I’m sure you’ll agree, security comes first with large events. So I apologise of it takes you a few minutes to pass through security, but the volunteers on duty work night and day to make the process as smooth as possible and to keep us all safe – God willing. (for those members of the Jama’at fortunate enough to be doing a duty during the Jalsa period, don’t forget to bring this in addition to your AIMS pass!)

Above all else, come prepared to feed your soul, foster and nourish friendships (both new and old) and be a part of this spiritual event, the memories of which will stay with you for years to come. Share with us your own experiences by sending your Tweets, Facebook messages, Instagram posts and Snaps to @JalsaConnect. See you there!