Earlier today, JalsaConnect entered the Nazima tent which was overflowing with guests and Sadr sahiba’s trusted team. We pulled aside the Lajna General Secretary, Mrs Talat Saqi, to ask her a few questions:

JalsaConnect (JC): Assalamo Ailakum, can we steal you away for a few minutes?

Mrs Saqi (TS): Walaikumsalam. Yes of course, though I will need to run back shortly.

JC: We can see how busy it is in this marquee! Jalsa is coming to an end soon, how do you feel?

TS: There is sadness that Jalsa is ending, but also relief that we have had a blessed few days. Alhamdolillah everything has gone well so far, and our guests have been happy. The organisation and set-up this year has been good, and for the most part, the weather has been on our side.

JC: What have you enjoyed most about the Jalsa?

TS: We always feel that we could have done better but we feel immense joy when our guests are happy and appreciative. We love listening to their stories; how they travelled to Jalsa, the sacrifices they made and it is a privilege to then play host to them during Jalsa.

JC: As most of us make our way home, this will mark an end to our duties. We are guessing that your duties will continue?

TS: Yes, the Lajna team have been at the Jalsa Gah since Wednesday and we will leave on Monday. We always feel sad on Monday and it hits us hard that Jalsa is over as everyone has left. It is amazing how quickly the Men’s side dismantle everything!

Back in Baitul Futuh and Fazl Masjid, our teams are preapring for our guests to return from Hadeeqatul Mahdi. The guests will stay for a few days longer, as they want to meet Huzoor and read namaz behind him. We will ensure that they are well looked after.

JC: JazakAllah! Finally, do you have any messages for our audience?

TS: Yes, JazakAllah for following the proceedings, which we hope and pray you have enjoyed.

JC: JazakAllah for your time!

We also spoke to our Sadr Lajna UK, Mrs Nasira Rehman, who left the following message for our Jalsa Connect audience:

“Alhamdolillah, by the Grace of Almighty Allah, the Lajna UK team have had the privilege of playing host to and taking care of the guests of the Promised Messiah (AS). We are fortunate to have been blessed with the guidance of Khalifatul Masih (may Allah be his Helper) and we have been able to improve our facilities and the way we received our guests this year. We have had, by the Grace of Allah, record breaking attendance despite the weather.

We would like to thank all the guests that attended and we pray that they leave this spiritual event truly blessed. We also pray for and thank the hard working volunteers, both young and old who have given up their time to make this Jalsa a huge success. JazakAllah.