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  1. Use alternative means of transport

You may be the best and fastest driver in the world, but when stuck in grid-lock traffic, none of your super-human driving skills will work. People who take the train or hop on shuttles get there in time for the sessions, and what could be better than being driven to Jalsa by someone else!

  1. Visit the Book Stall and Exhibitions

Don’t forget to visit the Qur’an exhibition, the Jama’at history exhibition, the Humanity First exhibition, and the book stall. They’re each an amazing contribution to the Jalsa experience.  

  1. Dress appropriately for Jalsa

We are always reminded that Jalsa is not a festival, or a party! Jalsa is a spiritual gathering where we aim to strengthen our faith. Therefore, we must be reminded to dress appropriately. Light and comfortable shoes and clothing are the way forward. You can thank us after Jalsa!

  1. Prepare for Salat in good time

We are lucky to be able to pray in congregation behind our Beloved Huzoor (atba), so prepare in good time. Do your wudhu earlier and take your place in the rows. Ensure that the rows are straight and that there are no gaps

  1. Co-operate with all the volunteers

There are over 30,000 people coming in and out of the Jalsa Gah. Our volunteers have given up their time and sleep, missing out on all the sessions to make our Jalsa experience the best it can be. Appreciate their work. Give them a hug (if they allow). Thank them for their invaluable services. They deserve it.

  1. Get involved with Social Media, but AFTER the sessions

Stay connected with @JalsaConnect! We are active on twitter, instagram, snapchat, Facebook and we are drafting blogs for you on our website, www.mta.tv/jalsaconnect – Enjoy the sessions and devour all the scholarly speeches. But on your journey to Jalsa, lunchtimes, your journey back, get involved!

  1. Enjoy the rollercoaster of emotions

The joy of meeting friends and family from all around the world, the pride we feel in being part of this community, the way our hearts swell when we see our Beloved Huzoor (atba), the exhaustion, the tears of joy; embrace it all!  You cannot even try to hide your emotions with tears streaming down everyone else’s faces, during ba’ait, during the taranas!

  1. Relax on Monday

Take a day off work, avoid travel, relax and watch the Jalsa repeats on MTA!