Being a Pakistani Ahmadi, Jalsa Salana has a remarkable position in our hearts. Sitting millions of miles away from our beloved Imam, only through the blessings of MTA, it feels as if Huzoor-e-Anwar has entered our homes. Though physically we are unable to attend, mentally and spiritually we are there sitting somewhere amongst the crowd. 

But what makes it so special that the Promised Messiah (as) emphasised that we should not consider this an ordinary gathering? What makes it so extraordinary that people from every corner, be it Asians or Africans, Americans or Middle Eastern, rich or poor, gather on the hand of one divinely guided Khalifa? What’s the reason that you can forget about sorrows and grief and enters into a world of nothingness? What makes the Jalsa so special that those unable to attend it consider themselves less fortunate? 

It’s only the countless blessings and priceless prayers promised to the Jalsa attendees which makes this an exceptional occasion. 

The Promised Messiah (as) in this regard said “It is esential for all those who can afford to undertake the journey, that they must come to attend this convention which embodies many blessed objectives. They should disregard minor inconveniences in the cause of Allah and His prophet (pbuh). Allah yeilds reward to the sincere persons at every steps of their way, and no labour and hardship undertaken in His way, ever goes to waste. I re-emphasise that you must not rank this convention in the same league as other, ordinary, human assemblies. This is a phenomenon that is based purely on the Divine help for propagation of Islam” 

Whenever we spend time in the company of good men, we are greatly influenced by them. Now imagine three continuous days of countless blessings in the reminiscence of spiritual servants of God?

Furthermore, the Promised Messiah (as) prayed for the Jalsa attendees by stating “May Allah the exalted be with him, reward him in abundant measure, have mercy on him and ease his circumstances of hardships and anxiety and eliminate his anguish and grief. May He grant him freedom from every single hardship and lay open for him the ways of (achieving) his cherished goals and raise him up, on the day of Judgement, among those of His servants who are recipients of His blessings and mercy. May He be their guardian in their absence until after their journey come to an end. O Allah! O Sublime One and Bestower of bounties, the Ever Merciful and One who resolves all problems, do grant all these prayers, and grant us Victory over our opponents with scintillating signs, because You alone have all the power and powess. Ameen! Ameen! Ameen!” 

Now who doesn’t want to be a part of these blessed prayers? Indeed the less fortunate and the ignorant ones!