Our Jalsa connect team had the pleasure of meeting members from the Kababir Jamaat. 60 members from Kababir have come for Jalsa this year. This is what they had to say about Jalsa:

Najima Odeh: 

It has always been my lifetime wish to come here to see Huzoor (atba) with my own eyes. I am very much impressed by all the volunteers and the number of guests arriving in the Jalsa.  It just proves that the Promised Messiah’s (as) words are true as the number of Jalsa attendees keep growing. I am so thankful to Allah the Almighty for giving me the opportunity and good health to come here and witness this historical event. The trip from Kababir was tiring but upon seeing Huzoor (atba) my exhaustion disappeared. I felt very calm and peaceful. My message to those who could not attend is that you should try to come next year, despite any difficulties you may face, so that you can be part of the blessings of this spiritual event. You should witness this with your own eyes and pass your sentiments to the next generation so they can gather their own perspective and not just experience this Jalsa by word of mouth.  It is my first time coming to Jalsa Salana UK but by no means the last, insha’Allah. 

Jamila Khatab:

I have been here before in 2003 and I have noticed such a big difference with the previous Jalsas. There has been a big improvement and I am very impressed by all the changes. I am very happy to be a part of this historical event. 

Maryam Kazak:

Two months ago my grandson visited me and told me he was coming to Jalsa. I was very excited and he asked me if I wanted to come along. I was really ill but despite this I was determined to come to Jalsa. So I tried my best to get better. Amir sahib Kababir visited me and advised me to partake in the blessings of the Jalsa. He told me to pray to God to make it possible. So I prayed very hard and it is thanks to Allah Almighty that I am able to reap the blessings. I arrived on Tuesday and was welcomed by the Reception Team at the airport. I am very pleased with the accommodation that I have been provided with. I have staying in the VIP room at the Jamia Ahmadiyya UK. I am very happy with the warm welcome that I have been given. This is my third time attending the Jalsa and I have seen much improvement in the facilities over the years. The unity between the guests here is amazing as Ahmadi members from different countries are sitting together without judging each other. I encourage everyone to attend this event as seeing it with your eyes will help you to be better Muslims and really understand the true teachings of Islam. What is true Islam? True Islam comes from the inside, from one’s heart.  

Shahira Khalifa:

It is my first time coming to Jalsa Salana UK. My first wish was to come and see Huzoor (atba). I write letters to Huzoor regularly and I really wanted to see him. The whole process from our arrival at the airport to reaching Hadeeqatul Mahdi was really comfortable as everyone welcomed us with open arms. My husband converted to Ahmadiyyat three years ago and this experience has been an emotional journey for him as well. We can’t believe that we are here. My husband is very happy as the people have made him feel very welcome.  He feels that he has been an Ahmadi his whole life.