Jalsa Connect was lucky enough this morning to spend time with the ever-affable and charismatic Amir Jamaat of Germany, Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser Sahib. Here’s what happened. ______ JalsaConnect (JC): Amir Sahib, which number Jalsa is this for you? Amir Sahib (AS): Oh, good question. I missed the Jalsa in 2010 because I had an appendix operation while in Rabwah […] otherwise, I think I’ve attended the last 34 Jalsas. JC: Tell us your feelings about Jalsa. AS: Jalsa Salana in the UK is a unique feeling, because it is in the countryside; you see the great sacrifices which people have made here. The Waqar-e-Amal, you can see it everywhere. People come here five, six weeks before to start preparing for Jalsa Salana, so that we guests can enjoy the spiritual experience. It’s a great thing. The spirit of each and every worker is visible. JC: What would you like to achieve this Jalsa? What are your aims here? AS: My aim is to take steps further towards my Allah. To improve my communication with Allah. To improve my prayers, to improve my spirit. Jalsa Salana is always a time when we are like honeybees, collecting honey for the rest of the year. Being here in the presence of Khalifat-ul-Masih, there is no bigger achievement than being close to Him. By the way, Tahajjud was great this morning. The Imam was calm and relaxed. It was inspiring. JC: And finally, we’ve seen much-publicised post on Twitter that you cycled here, all the way from Germany! AS: (Laughs). This has become a small tradition. I cycle with Khuddam from Germany, we enjoy it. The last stage is always Baitul Futuh to Hadeeqatul Mahdi. It rained heavily in the last 10 miles, it was really hard! We were absolutely drenched, but completely happy. It was quite an experience for the newcomers!

Ameer Sb Germany getting ready for the next leg of his journey!

JC: Of course, as Huzoor has been advising us to improve our physical fitness as well as our spiritual health. AS: It is a part of our aim. We have to please Allah, we have to look after His Creations. And that means we have to look after and care for our physical fitness. It means you can do more work and you have more stamina. JC: Jazak’Allah Amir Sahib, thanks for your time. AS: Jazak’Allah.